CPU TMZ104 TRI-M - usada

R$ 1.197,00
R$ 1.197,00
R$ 1.197,00

TMZ104 PC/104 Computer with Transmeta Crusoe TM5500 CPU


  • Extremely low power fanless low cost x86 compatible through advanced “code morphing" software
  • Dual watchdog timers and embedded BIOS
  • Dual RS-232 serial, dual EIDE and floppy support, USB, parallel port, -PS2 kerboard and Mouse


Crusoe TM5500 CPU and North-Bridge

· VLIW processor running from 333 to 533MHz

· L1 of 64K instruction cache + 64K data cache

· 256K L2 write-back cache

· x86 code morphing software provides x86 compatible platform up to Pentium MMX2 emulation

· LongRun advanced power management with ultra-low power operation, 64 bit memory bus up to 133MHz

· SDRAM support for one SO-DIMM module for up to 256MB

Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies 

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